Lost to the ages are the remnants of structures built by a mysterious people for some unknown purpose. Scholars today argue about their exact purpose, debating if such monolithic stone structures were built to honor the dead, celebrate the living, or sanctify the gods. Some even debate if such mysterious objects could have even been constructed by past human communities and not built by, perhaps, ancient aliens.

Archeologists have uncovered various artifacts that only lend themselves to the debate of the overall purpose; small metal discs seem to be a common find among the ruins, as if they had been scattered about with abandon. Remnants of various types of food lead others to believe that these places, whatever their use, held a great communal power around its people. Furthermore, these structures are not limited to one specific place on the globe. Ancient people of all types have built relatively similar structures calling into question how well-connected the ancient world was. Where these structures a common evolution of the human mind or was there a greater inter-contectiveness among these various groups across the entire planet?

These questions will remain shrouded to the Mysts of time for more modern civilizations to ponder.