We’ve always been told that living under the yoke of the oxygen cycle is a good thing for all of humanity. Open your eyes! We’re the blind breathing slaves to the flora. And trees are the Kings of all Flora. The plot to the movie The Happening is only the tip for the danger that vegetation offers us. The reality is much closer to the movie The Ruins or The Beatles Help! Think of it this way, my conspiracy-ridden loyal readers, at any given time the green villains of the planet could cease to give up their oxygen until they watch us all choke to death on CO2! They have lulled us and all the fauna of this planet into a millions-of-years-old sense of complacency. To your chainsaws people! Throw off the yoke of the oppressor! Place the production of oxygen into our own hands; give the new-found jobs to people who need it, ’cause hey, the economy sucks.