It’s the battles and endless skirmishes that happen behind the scenes that really shape the world we live in; most would just chalk up this thinking to conspiracy theory, but our reality is much more fragile than you could have ever expected. We decided to shed a little light on one ageless battle that you might not be aware of and that is between the Stickmen and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Do you like that car you drive? That iPod you cram full of industry-produced talentless pop stars? That comfortable pair of socks that have never gotten a hole in them? These things only exist because the Stickmen keep everything in check. Now, let me be clear, we do not support the Stickmen cause on a whole (because they’re right bastards when they want to be) but we do like our trinkets and thingamabobs enough that we don’t want them to fall to the mighty T-rexes.

If the T-rexes would ever win the war with the Stickmen our world would be awash in flying cars, cures for every known disease, and next generation video game consoles and who in their right mind would want that!