Traditional mythology regarding spirits and ghosts is that they haunt a place or thing indefinately until a certain criteria is met (an item and/or lover returns etc) or it is generally exorcised by some mumbo-jumbo of a religious service or exorcising ritual. The silliness in this thought process is that during a world catalysmic event, like a super volcano or extinction-event level asteriod strike, this thing or place that the spirit is “haunting” is likely to be destroyed. Where does this leave the spirit? Does it now just hang out in a void? If the Earth was destroyed in totality would spirits just hang out on fragments of what was once the place or thing that they were tied too?

The greatest actors in the world are those that claim to talk to ghosts, exorcise ghosts, or simply hunt ghosts like some type of expect big game hunter. While it is metaphysically wonderful that the brain and the human senses can play tricks on us there is really nothing that proves ghosts or spirits or angels or demons even exist; there is more to prove that none of these can exist and we can thank the candle of science for that (or spit on the wick because you love make-believe). Now I quite enjoy make-believe as long as it stays in the realm of make-believe and doesn’t try to make itself reality.